Step by Step Guide on Adding Your Artlogo To Your Email Signature in Outlook

STEP 1: Open Outlook’s in-app editor

  • Go to the search box at the top-left side of your Outlook screen and type in “signature”
  • Click on the “Signature” result that appears
  • Click on “Signature” from the dropdown menu and you’ll be prompted to set a signature in Outlook using the in-app signature editor.


STEP 2: Create a new Outlook signature

  • Click on the “New” button to create a new signature for your email


STEP 3: Add your signature details

  • Click in the signature editor’s text field, and type in the details you want to include (i.e. your full name, your job title, and your contact information).


STEP 4: Edit signature design

  • Edit and customize the texts to your preference.


STEP 5: Add your Artlogo signature

  • Click your cursor where you want to place your signature image
  • Click the image icon in the right hand side of the tool strip
  • Upload the image from your computer
  • To resize your image according to your preferred signature design – click on the image and drag any of the black squares on the image corners.


STEP 6: Set auto Outlook signatures

  • Go to the top-right corner of your Outlook editor. Click the dropdown menus for New Messages and Forward and Reply. Choose the email signature you made with your Artlogo signature.


STEP 7: Click “OK” to save your email signature with your Artlogo

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