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Designing a Logo for Your Business

We live in a time when the flow of information and services is accelerating every day and where the digital world is increasingly affecting our everyday life. However, there is a single piece of information that remains as efficient as ever. One graphic sign, one graphic solution, conveys the desired message the fastest. And as the world is increasingly reduced to visual communication, company logo is in its simplicity the fastest way to share your message with the world. This increasingly unavoidable symbol of advertising, recognizing, and information sharing is the first thing the world will notice about your brand.

We bring you tips on how to set up your business in a way that will separate you from the competitors!

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Think about how you recognize the biggest brands. What first comes to mind when you think of Apple, Coca-Cola, Mercedes? That's right. Their logo. And each of those visual creations have one thing in common. They all tell stories of the brands they represent.

Once you have chosen a brand name that you are happy with and that meets all the requirements that a brand name should fulfill, it is time to choose a custom logo.

Simply put, a logo is a group of letters and symbols used in a unique way to identify a company, product, or service. In addition to the brand name, the logo is the most noticeable and longstanding element of the business and its marketing activities and therefore should be carefully designed to properly tell the story of your product or service. Your brand identity is crucial for your success. Determining your company's goals, purpose and message is one of the first steps when starting a business. It is your logo that should communicate that message to the world. Your logo is a reflection of your brand identity. For that reason, it is very important that you understand what makes your brand unique and what your brand’s ultimate goal is. Only that way you will be able to create the perfect logo that carries your message.

Thanks to an overwhelming amount of brands and their messages being pushed onto consumers through various digital channels, an increasing number of people form their opinion about the brand based on the logo and visual identity through the appearance and packaging.

Here are 5 things you must consider before starting to create a beautiful and effective logo for your brand.

1. Type of Logo

Although all logos are simply a combination of typography and images, not every type of logo will tell your story correctly! Each type of logo has the ability to give your brand a whole new dimension. In this multiverse of options, you must choose one that will easily relate to your customers. Here is what you get with each type of logo:


It may sound very simple but finding the right combination of words and fonts for your logo is no easy task. When deciding on a wordmark logo you have a few options. Create a special font just for your business or choose an existing font that reflects the personality of your brand. Another trending choice when it comes to this type of logo is Calligraphy. For many C level professionals, as well as business owners such as apparel producers, personal trainers, barbers and more, a well-designed signature logo is a must have. Wordmark logo is the right choice for you if you’re trying to work on your brand positioning and if your brand has a striking name that immediately ignites certain emotions. Here are some famous wordmark logos:

Famous wordmarks logos


Yes! You guessed correctly. Letterform is a logo that represents only the first letter of a brand. You can often see this type of logo often being referred to as an alternative logo or a shorter version of a wordmark logo. Since this type of logo contains just one letter, it can easily be adapted to all forms of marketing materials, apparel and more. They are perfect choice for apps, restaurants, and clothing brands. Even when used in the smallest dimensions, they remain amazingly recognizable.

Famous letterform logos


Similar to Letterforms, these logos purely consist of the initial letters of the brand’s name. They usually sound powerful, are easy to remember and quite attractive, all because of their simplicity. The appearance of this type of logo depends solely on the choice of font, which the same way as the wordmark logo, can be an existing one or specially created for your brand. In some industries, monogrammed logos are common, such as law or banking. If you plan on taking over in one of these industries, this type of logo may be the one for you. Also, if you decide to go with a slightly longer name for your brand, you may want to consider Monograms. Check out these awesome Monogram logos to inspire your own!

Famous Monograms logos


If you are passionate about beautiful looking visuals, you might want to go with this type of logo! When you decide to make your logo a symbol, you must dedicate a significant amount of time to considering all that it may symbolize in the eye of your customer. It is absolutely crucial to decide whether this symbol is a literal or interpreted representation of your brand and if it correctly translates the message and values, you want your customers to receive. Symbols are very good at representing the identity or activity of the brand. The inspiration for this ltype of logo is mostly found in real-world objects such as the Apple. Here are some of the greatest symbols:

Famous Symbols logos


Unlike symbols that represent real life objects, an abstract logo gives you much more freedom for interpretation of a brand. Since they do not represent any known objects, they give you freedom to create something very unique. With this type of logos it is very important to have precisely defined brand values and messages, so that you can express all of it through simple, geometric and organic shapes. This kind of representation is not recommended when you don’t have a solid, clear, and precisely defined brand and you know what message you want to send to your audience. These brands did a great job communicating their message through an abstract logo:

Famous Abstracts logos


Mascot-shaped logos are an illustration of a character who takes a place of an ambassador of a brand. These logos can develop into anything from human beings to fictional creatures. The only important factor is that the mascot you choose has the ability to reflect the identity and personality of your brand. This type of logo is a great way to attract large audiences and bond with a brand on a more personal level. It is in our nature as humans, to tend to bond with other people or characters who seem close to us. They are extremely easy and inspiring to use in any type of marketing campaigns and social media. Check out some of the most creative mascots ever created:

Famous Mascots logos


This type of logo is one of the oldest combinations of symbols and text, arranged in such a way as to display a more traditional style. They are usually very large and detailed. Emblems also give you enough space to insert your slogan or a message directly on your logo. First word that comes to mind when looking to this kind of logo must be tradition. You can rarely see newborn brands decide to go with an emblem, but it might be a choice for you. If you decide on creating this type of logo, be sure to consider an alternative, much simpler version that will give your brand more flexiblity when it comes to interpretation and promotion. Check out these detailed emblems than are so well designed that they manage to thrive even in the minimalistic reality we live in:

Famous Emblems logos

2. Logo Color

Although all logos are simply a combination of typography and images, not every type of logo will tell your story correctly! Each type of logo has the ability to give your brand a whole new dimension. In this multiverse of options, you must choose one that will easily relate to your customers. Here is what you get with each type of logo:

Choosing the right color for your business is perhaps one of the most significant decisions you will have to make. By choosing the right color for your logo, will determine how new customers interpret your brand and how well they relate to its message. As you might expect, the wrong choice will lead to a complete opposite, negative effect.

If you’re here, chances are you’ve heard of the color psychology. The psychology of color tells you how and in what way that color affects your feelings and behavior. The same applies for logo color and logo design. Many researches conducted, came to the same conclusion. Yes, yellow will make your brand look youthful and affordable, certain shades of green will automatically give it a calming note and red will give it a more powerful look.

Keep in mind that you are never limited to just one color. If you brand deals with a list of different products and services, multicolor solution is a great choice to highlight it. Choosing two or three colors is a great way to show off different aspects of your brand and bring your story closer to your customers. As with every other logo segment, don’t be afraid to experiment before making the final decision.

Each color carries with it a certain symbolism, so it is important to get to know your target audience and the values they relate to. Each of these values can be represented by a specific color.

Color theory


This color attracts attention and arouses strong emotions in customers and everyone who sees it. It is a universal symbol of love, so it is often used for products that should arouse emotions associated with this feeling. Also, red is proven to be making heart beat a little faster, but also increasing the appetite and creating the sense of power so it is not surprising to see food and beverage brands choose red. You can also see a lot of sports teams and even nations choose this color due to its powerful and passionate connotation.

Quite clearly and unmistakably, red tells a story of a powerful brand, carrying a special kind of energy with it. If you decide to go with red as a primary color for your restaurant, you can’t go wrong, because your customers will subconsciously feel hungrier as soon as they see the logo of your restaurant. If your goal is to create a sense of urgency with the customer, red is a good choice for you as well, due to its universal symbol of urgency and importance.

red logos


We associate this color with happiness and optimism! Primarily, we relate this color to the sun. In addition, we see yellow as a warm color, a color that warms us and encourages communication. However, these are not the only associations we have when we see this color. Sometimes, yellow can represent a warning such as a sign by the road.

If you choose to paint your logo yellow, it says that your brand is positive, and it builds that kind of energy among your customers and employees. A brand represented with a yellow logo should have a pleasant, relaxed, positive, and friendly tone towards customers. You should choose this color if your goal is to draw attention to your brand in physical locations such as store windows, as well as when you want the brand to evoke a feeling of happiness.

Yellow logos


Simply put, green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. On the emotional level, it can assure people of security, while dark green is associated with money. Green also represents healing. It is the calmest and most pleasant color for the human eye. Green signifies stability and endurance. As opposed to red it provides security which is why it is used as a ‘GO’ signal at traffic lights.

In most cases, green speaks about the brand that it is environmentally conscious and that it is made in such a way that it does not harm the environment. That is why it is chosen by producers of fruits, vegetables, and natural, domestic products. It is also a choice of those who care about emphasizing how their products are made in an ethical and sustainable way. And as we said, since the green association is money, if you are dealing with finances, you cannot go wrong with this color!

Green logos


Blue is the color associated with depth and stability and therefore symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, self-confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and paradise. Blue is considered beneficial for the mind and body. It slows down the metabolism and produces a calming effect. It is strongly associated with calm and serenity.

You can use blue to promote products and services related to cleanliness such as water purification filters, sky related brands like airlines and H2O brands such as bottled water, cruisers, and more. Unlike emotionally warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow, blue is associated with consciousness and intellect. You can use it to display your brand as precise and high-tech.

blue logos


Pink is accepted as the color of tenderness, femininity, love, and romance. But in some parts of the world such as Japan, this color is attributed more to men than women. Although the opinion is that this is a soothing and gentle color, in many countries the walls of prison cells are painted with this color. Since it is the shade of red, pink has a soothing stimulating character, but strong tones can sometimes be irritating. Scientific studies also support the positive connotation attached to the lighter tones of this color. In recent findings, exposure to the color is said to significantly calm a person by alleviating negative emotions like anger, sadness, resentment, loneliness, and aggression.

Pink is mostly seen as the color of beauty industry but it’s not a bad choice if you’re creating an activist movement or a brand dealing with fashion, toys, deserts and even sex industry.

Pink logos


This color is seen in the eyes of customers as a color that infuses a sense of respect, chosen for a brand that is serious, stable, and refined. Although you might hesitate, and that black too ordinary of a color, due to its simplicity and elegance, it is often a choice of luxury and exclusive brands. Brands that use black as their primary color, do it to let customers know that they take care of quality and create only the best. Black logo will very easily look glamorous, and elegant and it is a great choice if you want to bring a dose of mystique to your brand.

When a company uses black for its logo, it certainly does so to point out to everyone that it has a strong reputation and brings elegance. Your black logo should remind customers of the sense of exclusivity, belonging to a special group of wealthy customers, and that by buying you brand, they get a status symbol. If your brand uses this color, it sends a clear message that there is no need to use bright colors to make it stand out, because it is already well-known and recognized.

Black logos

1. Typography

In short, typography is creative design with the help of matching letters and text so that the content is readable, clear, and visually appealing. Typography includes the style, appearance, and structure of the font, which evokes certain emotions in the reader and conveys the meaning of the text in the right way. Of course, typography today is much more than simply choosing a good font.

Good typography will not only improve the looks, but customers will start to associate the font with your brand while its readability and visibility will help make customers feel comfortable and therefore make them your regulars.

Typography is a crucial component of logo design. Some of the best solutions were obtained by using "clever" typography. That is why it is surprising that typography is one of the most important, and at the same time the most underestimated graphic elements.

Nowadays, time is more valuable than ever before, and people simply tend to consume only a portion rather than complete content, so it is extremely important to expose as much as you can with the help of typography so that the most important information can easily catch the eye of customers who just glance over the text.

There are few key things to consider regarding typeface and font before making your logo decision final. The main difference between the typeface and the font is that the type determines the font family, and the font itself determines its weight - whether it is Light, Narrow, Oblique, Bold, Italic, Regular or Black. In addition to the name, at least according to Adobe, the typeface can be distinguished into 8 different groups: Serif, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Monospace, Decorative, Handwritten, Script and Blackletter.

The question that naturally comes after receiving so much information is, what is the right kind of typography for my brand?

First, you should start by asking yourself a question you asked many times before, how do you want your customers to feel? The answer itself will tell you the tone you want to give to your typography. You will certainly not use Sans Serif letters if you’re trying to build a fun, playful children's brand, just as you will not use decorative colorful letters for a law office or a financial institution.

First, you should start by asking yourself a question you asked many times before, how do you want your customers to feel? The answer itself will tell you the tone you want to give to your typography. You will certainly not use Sans Serif letters if you’re trying to build a fun, playful children's brand, just as you will not use decorative colorful letters for a law office or a financial institution.

Nike logo

What makes this specific slogan so special and long-lasting is that it resonates with truth! It gives motivation and sparks joy in every athlete. Your slogan should do the same thing. By adding a truthful message to your logo, you will allow your brand to relate to customers on a whole new level

Let us help you choose the right logo for your brand!

If you are looking for a skilled designer who will help lift up your brand with a beautiful signature logo, Artlogo is at your disposal! Contact us and start building your signature brand!

And if you think you are the real logo addict, why not test yourself? Check out some of these amazing logo quizzes that will put your brand knowledge to test.

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