Adding Your Artlogo To Your Email Signature in Apple Mac Mail

STEP 1: In your Mac Mail app, select “Mail” in the top ribbon > Click “Preferences“.
STEP 2: Choose the “Signatures” tab, then click the [+] plus button to add a new signature, or select a signature you’ve already created to edit it.
STEP 3: In the signature section, type in all the details that you want to include on your email signature (i.e. names, position, company name, contact information).
STEP 4: Resize your Artlogo signature to ideal image size for email signatures (300 to 400 pixels wide and 70 to 100 pixels high) with 72dpi resolution.
To resize, find your Artlogo signature on your files then right-click > Open With > Preview. Once you have your image opened, go to Tools in your menu bar and select Adjust Size.


Resize by pixels and make sure to match the ideal image size for email signatures. Make sure the resulting size will not exceed 3 MB. Click OK to save your image. You can save a new version of your image by going to File > Export and saving it that way.  



STEP 5: Add your resized Artlogo signature into the email signature. Open your “Finder” to locate your Artlogo signature; select the Artlogo file and then drag and drop it into the Signature section of the Apple Mail app. 


STEP 6: You should see the email signature now with your Artlogo signature. You can further customize your email signature with the buttons on the toolbar above. 


STEP 7: Using the email signature in the Mac Mail app is the same as any other custom signature in the mail client. When composing a new email message just pull down the “Signature” menu and choose the email signature you created earlier, it will be automatically inserted into the current email. 

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