What is Artlogo?

Artlogo is a handwritten logo, art and design company that develops unique handwritten signatures, logos, brand marks and watermarks to elevate branding and marketing solutions for all business professionals. 

Our unique logo solutions are used by CEOs, lawyers, real estate agents, photographers, business coaches, doctors and many others. You can add your Artlogo as an email signature, on your website, your business card, merchandise, storefront, etc. 

Why is Artlogo Special?

It is a 100% unique product handcrafted by a professional calligrapher just for you. There is no other person will have the same one.

What are the uses of Artlogo?

Artlogo is a powerful multipurpose branding instrument. You can use your own Artlogo on business cards, emails, websites, as watermark, on Social Medias, business name signs, merchandises (shirts, pens, cups, hats, etc), on your car, i.e. any visible digital content or physical goods that can be seen by your clients/audience.

How to place an Artlogo order?

Just go to this page Get Your Artlogo, fill in the form and your order will be placed. 

How will I get my Artlogo?

It will be delivered to your email with a special folder containing your complete order files.

How long will it take to get my Artlogo?

We value each of our client’s time and it’s important for us to deliver your logo signature as quick as possible. Our usual turn-around is around 3 business days. But we always strive to send it as soon as possible.

How much does it cost?

Artlogo basic package starts for as low as just $39. However, the price will be different if you’ll require any extras, which can be chosen during the order process.

Can I order just the signature and order an add-on later on?

Yes, just make sure to use the same email address you provided in the original order so both orders are automatically linked.

What if I do not like the signature presented to me?

Ordering from us is risk-free. We include 3 free revisions to make sure you will get the Artlogo that you will definitely love. We can make from small modifications to completely redesigning the signature.

To request for revision, kindly email us at orders@artlogo.co with your order number and feedback about the signature presented.

What format will I get my Artlogo in?

You will get resolutions: medium and super high. Both will come on transparent backgrounds. You also have the option to add the vector formats during the order process.

Can I send my own idea or own signature for reference?

Yes, our top-rated calligraphers can definitely make your idea comes to life or polish your current signature into a cleaner, classy and more professional looking signature.

How can I know my order number?

Once you placed an order, you will receive an order confirmation email with your order number. Please check your spam or bulk folder in case the email is not in your inbox. You can also create an account with the email address you used with your order to check your order current status.

I did not get my product in time, should I be worried?

Definitely, not. You can create an account and login to your account using the email address you used when placing the order. This will give you real-time status of your order.

You can also check your spam folder, as in most cases that would be where the Artlogo email could have fallen. If you do not see anything there, you could have made a minor email mistake – but don not worry, just email us at orders@artlogo.co and we will provide you another copy. All emails answered within 24 hours, but we strive to do that way faster.

Is the transaction secure?

Yes, we use HTTPS protocol for all data transfer, meaning that all data passed to our website is encrypted. 

Moreover, we only use safe major payment providers, such as Paypal and Shopify Payments (which are powered by Stripe). These are major financial companies that store your payment data securely on their servers and we only keep partial financial data that they provide such as first 6 and last 4 digits of your card. We do not hold your complete financial information on any of our servers.  

Where can I reach out if I still have questions?

Just email us at orders@artlogo.co and we will get your question answered. The longest possible reply timeframe is 24 hours, however, in 90% of cases emails are replied to way faster than that. If you do not see a reply – just check your spam folder.



How can I download my files?

Access your files from our server with the link provided to you upon approval of the signature. Follow this Instructions on how to download your files.

How can I resize the Artlogo signature?

Artlogo signature can be resized without the need of any photo-editing tool. You can do it with your default photo viewer. Click here for full instruction.

How can I add my signature to my email signature?

Artlogo can help you create a professional looking email signature. Check out our FREE and easy-to-use email signature generator and start designing your email signature with your Artlogo, picture, Social Media icons and details.

Visit EmailSign and watch the complete video instruction.

How can I add my signature to my photos?

You don’t need to install any photo-editing tool, Artlogo Watermarq app got you covered. Use our FREE tool to easily apply your signature on top of your photos. Click here to access it and check the complete video guide.

Where else can I use my Artlogo signature?

Artlogo is a versatile branding tool. Check our blog post here for more inspiration on where you can apply your Artlogo signature.

Do you offer discounts and freebies for returning customers?

We offer special bonuses and rewards. You can go to our Rewards program page to learn more and take advantage of it.