How To Add HTML Email Signature in Outlook Desktop App in Mac
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How To Add HTML Email Signature in Outlook Desktop App in Mac

Microsoft Outlook is a popular piece of software in the corporate world as it integrates a lot of functions relevant to improving productivity. If you belong to an organization, you probably have an Outlook account.

Therefore, the impact that you make here is going to be noticeable, even with something as simple as an email. That's why it's a great idea to try using email signatures for all messages that you send.

With Artlogo, you can order one today and have a professional calligrapher send it to you as quickly as possible. But if you're not ready to make that investment yet, you can create your very own signature for free with EmailSign.

How Do You Add an Outlook HTML Signature in your Mac?


Step 1: On your Outlook Desktop App, click "Outlook" from the Toolbar. Then Select "Preferences".

On your toolbar, look for the "Outlook" dropdown menu. It is located in the upper-left corner of the screen. Select "Preferences" from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: From the Preference Pop-up, select "Signatures" under the Mail Tab.

From the pop-up window, you should see a button labeled as "Signatures" in the middle area. Click it and a new pop-up will show for the Signatures editor.

Step 3: Edit or Create a New Email Signature.

Select "+" beneath the list of signatures. A new signature line appears in the signature name list.

If you already have multiple signatures on file, click an existing email signature that you would like to update.

Step 4: Copy the HTML generated from EmailSign for Outlook Desktop.

If you're using EmailSign, there's no HTML file or signature file that you have to download. Just click "Outlook Desktop" to get the relevant HTML signature for your purposes. A different signature editor may have different restrictions or limitations, so please be aware of them beforehand.

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Step 5: Paste it inside the signature area.

Go back to the Outlook signature dialog box to perform this step. After you paste the HTML code, you should see a preview of what the email signature will look like. 

Step 6: Set which account you would like your email signature to show in.

Select the options you want to use in the Choose Default Signature section. For example, to use this signature for all new messages you create, select the signature name in the New Messages list.

Once done, you can now close the dialog box and proceed to the most exciting part - testing out your professional email signature.

Step 7: Compose a new email to check your new email signature.

Here's the fun part: creating a new message using the signature you just made. We're sure that your email recipients aren't just Outlook users.

Therefore, you should send a test email to a throw away address or to your own existing email account with another provider. Make sure to check how it looks on web and mobile browsers, as well as various types of devices.

How Much Does an Email Signature with HTML Code Cost?

Whether you want to set up an Outlook email signature or one from a different provider, just know that the benefits are going to be the same. Apart from elevating every email you send, it also provides you with an opportunity to indirectly improve personal brand recognition and recall with all new messages moving forward.

Microsoft Outlook HTML signatures can be a way to introduce people to what you represent when you add social media icons. You can also put your business telephone number here. And if you're sending cold emails, you'll want to create a great first impression. Having email signatures will show that you are putting in the effort.

Even if you don't have any specific purpose for adding an Outlook signature, why not try it out? At the very least, you'll still benefit from the added aesthetic appeal of your email message.

We'd love to see how a new HTML signature works for you. Not too excited about winging it? Artologo offers beautiful yet affordable email signatures. Explore our offers to see which will be the best fit for you!

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