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Signature Designer: Everything You Need to Design an Impressive Signature for Your Name - Free Online Generator, How-To, and Ideas

Whether it’s just for signing official documents or for use in company branding, your signature should be unique to you and designed to reflect your personality and style. But coming up with a suitable design isn’t always as simple as it sounds. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to make your own signature and find yourself running out of ideas, this article is for you.

  1. Here, we’ll discuss what programs you can use to create your signature. 

  2. We’ll also talk you through the necessary steps for coming up with your own design. 

  3. Finally, this article will set out several examples of well-designed signatures to help inspire your own creations.

So, if you want to know the key to creating the perfect signature for your name, read on! You’ll have all the answers you’re looking for by the end of this article.


Using a Signature Design Generator

Drawing Your Signature With Our Signature Maker

Typing Your Signature With Our Signature Designer

Writing Your Signature By Hand With Our Signature Generator

How Can I Design My Signature?

Examples of Great Signature Designs

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FAQ: Signature Design


Using a Signature Design Generator

Whether they’re for signing digital documents (like a pdf) or for printing onto merchandise, having a digital signature can be useful. 

Perhaps you’ve wondered, “Where can I get a high-quality signature design of my name quickly and for free?”

One of the easiest and most convenient way to create it is by using a handwritten signature generator

There are several different websites out there that allow you to design your signature, but Artlogo’s signature designer is one of the most flexible, high-quality tools available. Our designs are used by professionals across all industries, including real estate agents, lawyers, business consultants, content creators, and CEOs.

Using Artlogo’s online signature design tool, you can create unique digital signatures via three methods: 

  1. Drawing your signature using the tool. 

  2. Typing it, selecting your preferred signature font

  3. Or writing out your signature by hand and creating a digital signature from a photograph or scan.

Drawing Your Signature With Our Signature Maker

One of the easiest ways to design a signature is by drawing it with our program. The free online signature generator tool is intuitive and easy to use: simply write out your signature in your preferred color — black, blue, or red — and download it with the click of a button. 

You can create your handwritten signature design using a mouse, touchpad, tablet, or smartphone, meaning you can even work on it while on the go. What’s more, with our signature design website, your digital signature will be downloaded as a crisp, high-quality .png file, ready to be used in any capacity.

Typing Your Signature With Our Signature Designer

If you’re after a simpler design, you might decide to type your name into our free handwritten signature generator and make your selection from one of the many fonts on offer. Whether you’re going for a sleek, contemporary look or for something more classic, we’re bound to have a style to suit your personal vibe. 

As with our drawing tool, you can choose between black, red and blue ink signature when creating a signature design online by typing it out. This high degree of customizability means that you can put together a signature that fully showcases your unique aesthetic. If you’re satisfied with your design, you can download it as a free .png file in a matter of seconds.

Professional custom made handwritten signature

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Writing Your Signature By Hand With Our Signature Generator

Finally, for the ultimate amount of creative freedom, you can simply write your wet signature directly onto a piece of paper, photograph or scan it, and then use our free online signature scanning tool to convert it into a .png file. This is ideal for people who struggle to draw using their mouse or on a small smartphone screen and are looking for other options.

With this tool, you can get a high-quality signature design free of charge, created to your precise specifications, in a matter of minutes. Now, all you need is the perfect design to put on paper.

Handcrafted by us, inspired by you and your business

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How Can I Design My Signature?

Now that we’ve explained what type of software you can use when creating your own signature, it’s time to talk about how you should go about coming up with your design in the first place. It can be difficult to create an appealing design from scratch, especially if you’re someone to whom artistic ability does not come naturally.

This section will explain the various steps you should take to create your perfect signature design — that is, a design that is not only aesthetically appealing but one that reflects your sense of style and is well-suited for its purpose. 

Whether you’re creating a signature for your own personal use or for your brand identity design, this guide will set you off on the right track.

What Is a Signature Design Style?

Your signature design style refers to the particular look of your signature. For example, you might opt for a modern, minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and few embellishments; or you might instead choose a more elaborate design with flourishes and curlicues.

The style of your signature will depend on a couple of things:

  • What you’re using the signature for. If you’re using it as part of a handwritten signature logo for your business, you might opt for a very different style than you would use for signing private documents. Also, if you are using a signature as a business logo, the style you settle on may vary depending on what type of company you run. For example, if you own a tech startup, your design might have a sleek, modern look, whereas a signature logo for a florist might be more feminine and ornamental.
  • The message you want your signature to send. A signature analysis can reveal a lot about your personality, as well as your personal sense of style. Think carefully about what you want to reveal to people through your signature. This is an especially pertinent piece of advice when using your signature to design a business logo, as it is will be a part of your brand, and therefore it must appeal to people in your target demographic.

  • What Should My Signature Look Like?

    As you may have expected, there is no single answer to this question, as the look of your signature will depend on what it’s being used for and what you want to convey with your design. 

    As such, you should consider these points carefully when brainstorming potential ideas for your handwritten signature. Here are a few examples of particular styles you might decide upon when you design your signature:

  • Formal. If you’re creating a design for use in a business environment, you’ll probably want to go for a fairly formal look. In these types of signatures, it’s common for people just to use their initials, like for example in an initials logo. These designs are usually fairly plain and minimalist, with little or no embellishments.
  • Contemporary. For a modern-looking design, you should embrace a minimalist style with sleek lines. Simple embellishments may be used sparingly — for example, a plain underline or a couple of dots at the end of the signature.
  • Elaborate. If you’d like to use your signature to show off your colorful, flamboyant personality, you can do so with an elaborate, detailed signature. Loops, flourishes, and curlicues can all be used to give your design a playful, artistic look.
  • Professional signature logo to represent you

    Create My Signature

    Dos and Don’ts in Signature Design

    While it’s true that your individual design approach will differ depending on the type of signature you want to create, there are a few important rules that apply in just about any situation. Below, we’ve broken down a few of these guidelines for you:

  • Do look for inspiration. Looking at famous signatures and studying calligraphy will help you to figure out what elements you particularly enjoy in a signature. This will make it easier for you to come up with your own design.
  • Don’t copy someone else’s design. There’s a fine line between looking for inspiration and plagiarizing! It’s important that your signature is 100% unique and undeniably you, so make it your own.
  • Do consider what your design says about you. As we’ve already shown, it’s important for you to have a clear idea about what you’ll be using your signature for and what you want to convey with it. Consider these factors carefully before putting together your design.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. It might be that you already have a clear idea of the type of style you want, but if not, try out a few different ones. You may stumble upon one that you end up liking more than you thought.
  • Do think outside the box. Unless it’s important for your particular purpose, don’t worry too much about making your signature legible. Instead, focus on creating a memorable, striking design that conveys something about your brand.
  • Don’t choose a design you can’t replicate. It’s important that you’re able to recreate your signature, especially if you’re going to use it to sign off on important documents. Whatever design you choose in the end, be sure you can remember it.
  • How Can I Make My Signature Look Professional?

    If you’re looking to create a signature for a professional environment, you may have wondered, “How to design a signature of my name that looks appropriately formal?”. 

    Some people use just their initials for business signatures, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you prefer, you can write your name out in full or use some combination of both methods.

    When it comes to the style of the signature, we’d recommend going for something a little more streamlined and simplistic. A flamboyant design with lots of embellishments may work in some scenarios, but within a professional setting, it may be more appropriate to go for a clean, sleek look.

    How Can I Make My Signature Attractive?

    The secret to making an attractive signature lies in knowing who your audience is. After all, different demographics will be drawn to different designs; without knowing who you’re targeting, how can you create a signature that will catch your viewers’ attention?

    But no matter what type of signature you’re creating, there are certain steps you should always take to ensure your design looks good:

  • Don’t make it messy. There’s a difference between an illegible signature and a glorified scribble. If your design just looks like your pen slipped on the page, you’re not going to impress anybody!
  • Ensure you can reproduce your signature. Create a design that you can faithfully recreate to ensure you are able to maintain a consistent brand.
  • Highlight interesting letters. Letters that already feature curves, loops, and diagonal lines can provide you with ample opportunities for innovation. Consider making these the focus of your design.

  • How Do I Create My Handwritten Signature?

    Once you’ve decided what type of style you’re aiming for with your signature, it’s finally time to come up with your design. Now is the perfect time to get experimental. 

    Get yourself a sheet of paper and try out a few different styles, experimenting with using your full name, your initials, or a mixture of both. Play around with underlines, loops, dots, flourishes — whatever embellishments you feel will best suit your purpose.

    After you’ve tried out a few different designs, take a look at the results. Do any stand out to you? Isolate your favorite and work to refine it while keeping in mind your signature’s desired function. 

    Then, once you’ve come up with a design you’re happy with, it’s time to create a polished version of your signature that you can use going forward.

    If you are not able to come up with a suitable design, however, don’t despair! You can always ask a professional signature designer — such as those on Artlogo’s team — to create your handwritten signature for you. 

    A handwritten signature created by professional calligraphers for you


    Examples of Great Signature Designs

    But you may be wondering, “How can I come up with good signature design ideas for my name?”. 

    One of the best ways to brainstorm is to look at other great signatures for inspiration. By just typing “signature design png” into your favorite search engine, you can see endless examples of great designs in a matter of moments.

    Below, we’ve brought together a few examples for your consideration — including a couple from our own website.

    Marilyn Monroe

    What makes the signature belonging to the late iconic Hollywood actor Marilyn Monroe so great?

  • Elegant. With its smooth cursive script and large loops, Marilyn Monroe's signature is every bit as striking as the actor herself.

  • Feminine. The artistic flourishes in this design also help to convey a kind of femininity—another iconic aspect of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Bold. Such a stylish, flamboyant signature indicates a confident personality. You may consider using loops and other embellishments to create a similar feeling in your own design.

  • Paul Smith


  • Simple. The above signature is very streamlined and clear. This makes it easy to make out, even at a glance.

  • Memorable. This simplicity helps to make the design memorable. Its clean, thick lines leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

  • Chic. Despite how simple this signature is, it still looks very sleek and polished — unsurprising, since it comes from one of Britain’s most well-loved designers.
  • Finally, here’s one of our own designs: an example signature for an investment advisor. Why should you consider this as an example when coming up with signature design ideas?

  • Professional. This design is simple and clear, without much embellishment, and includes both a first and last name. These factors all contribute to its professional feel.
  • Shows confidence. You can easily make out the name of the individual from this signature. This often indicates that the signee is a confident individual — something worth remembering for your own design!
  • Attractive. While it may not be as elaborate as other signatures out there, the neat loops and flowing cursive script come together to create an immediately eye-catching design.

    If you’re looking for a personal signature design that’s bound to make a lasting impression on people while conveying your personality and sense of style, why not hire one of our experienced artists? 

    No matter what the purpose behind your signature, our calligraphers will be able to come up with the perfect design, one that encapsulates your character whilst also helping to cement your personal brand.

    We’ll work with you to discover exactly what it is you’re looking for from your custom signature design. Whether you don’t have the first idea about what you want or whether you can picture your design exactly but lack the artistic skills to bring it into being, we can help. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today to discover all that our signature design service offers.

    FAQ: Signature Design

    What Website Can I Use to Make My Signature?

    There are a number of websites out there that you can use to create a digital signature for free — but with most of them, you have to compromise on quality. Not so with Artlogo! With our digital signature creation tool, you can create your perfect signature design either by writing it digitally, typing it out, and choosing from a range of fonts, or scanning your signature from a piece of paper.

    What Are the Rules for Designing Signatures?

    When designing a signature, a lot depends on exactly what it’s going to be used for. As such, it’s difficult to give any general rules that you should follow when coming up with your creation. 

    With that being said, however, a good rule of thumb is always to approach signature design with a clear goal in mind. Decide what your signature will be used for and what exactly you want it to convey before putting pen to paper.

    Should a Signature Be Simple?

    Whether or not your signature is simple depends on your personal taste, as well as how the signature will be deployed. For example, a fashion designer might come up with a flamboyant signature to use for their brand logo, whereas an accountant might adopt a fairly simple, streamlined design for their business card. The complexity of your signature should also be something you take into consideration if you’re worried about forgery.

    Can I Just Write My First Name as a Signature?

    So long as you can reproduce it fairly consistently, it does not matter from a legal perspective whether or not you use your first name alone as your signature. With that being said, you may wish to avoid this depending on the context in which your signature is to be used. 

    For example, if you are using your signature in business or to sign important legal documents, you may wish to use either initials or your full name, as this is generally seen as more formal.

    Does Your Signature Have to Have Your Last Name?

    Your signature does not have to have your last name, though you may feel it is more appropriate to include it if you’re using your signature will be used to sign documents or business correspondence. When using your signature as a logo, it’s perfectly acceptable just to use your first name in the design and to leave out your surname.

    Can My Signature Be My Initials?

    If you’d prefer just to include your initials in your signature, that is more than okay! In fact, in formal contexts, some people prefer this type of design. Ultimately, whether you use your full name, just one of your names, or just your initials, is entirely up to you and your personal preferences. 

    Can a Signature Be Typed?

    A signature certainly can be typed. Indeed, in this day and age, many people find themselves signing digital documents more than paper ones. Typed signatures are legally binding in exactly the same way that physical signatures are. And with a wide array of fonts to choose from, there’s no reason why you can’t design a typed signature that perfectly suits your personality and aesthetic preferences!

    What Should You Avoid in a Signature?

    When creating a signature, you should carefully consider the context in which it will be used when thinking about what to avoid. For example, if you are creating a signature for a formal setting, you may not wish to design one that’s overly flowery or embellished. 

    If you’re making a signature for private use, like for signing a card, and are concerned about forgery, here’s a tip: try to create a design that you will be able to recreate fairly consistently, but avoid making it overly simplistic, as that will make it easy to forge.

    What Makes a Signature Invalid?

    In graphic design, there is no such thing as an invalid signature — but when it comes to signing legal documents, there are a few rules you should be aware of. 

    For example, you should try to make sure your signature remains fairly consistent; it doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact copy of your signature, but it should be recognizably yours. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will often be restricted in terms of what color ink you can use. Usually, you can choose either blue or black.

    Which Type of Signature Style Is Best?

    There is no straightforward answer to this question. That’s because the so-called “best” signature style for you will depend on what you are using the signature for, as well as what you want to convey through it. The only way for you to determine which signature style you should use is to carefully consider these factors when putting together your design.

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