Adding HTML Signature: Yahoo Email Signature Instructions
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Adding HTML Signature: Yahoo Email Signature Instructions

Is uploading a profile icon on Yahoo Mail not doing the trick? You can make every email even more memorable with email signatures. The signature itself is a versatile marketing tool that you can use practically anywhere, whether for signages, business cards, or even logos.

There are tools like EmailSign that you can use to create a Yahoo Mail signature, but we advise that you take the matter of adding an email signature seriously, especially if you plan on using a signature heavily for branding. Artlogo can provide you with a custom handwritten signature crafted by experts. You'll even get it within three days after ordering!

How Do You Add a Yahoo Mail Signature to Every Email?

Unfortunately, there's currently no way by which you can do this process in the Yahoo Mail app. So in the meantime, you can add your beautiful signature using the web browser.

You can start the process of furnishing every email message with a default signature by following the steps outlined here:

Step 1: On your Yahoo Mail account, click "Settings" then "More Settings".

As illustrated in the image, the settings button should be near the upper right corner of your screen, just below the Home button. It will trigger the opening of a new box where you'll find the "More Settings" option.

Step 2: A window will open. Select "Writing Email" and scroll to see your signature area.

On the left panel, you should see the "Writing Email" tab between "Notifications" and "Viewing Email". When you scroll to the Yahoo signature section, remember to click the toggle switch button to make it blue.

Step 3: Copy the HTML generated from EmailSign for Yahoo Mail.

Just go to the tab where you finalized your email signature. You'll see that there are a lot of options here, but just click Yahoo Mail to save a copy of the HTML code you need. If you didn't use EmailSign, just make sure that you have a code specifically for Yahoo Mail and copy that.

Step 4: Right-click inside the signature area and select “Paste” or click the signature area and press “Ctrl+V” (Cmd+V for Mac).

To do this, you'll have to go back to the tab where you have the Yahoo email signature box. You don't have to look for a save button or anything similar. It will be saved there as soon as you paste it.

Step 5: The email signature created in EmailSign should load up and go back to your inbox.

After you paste the email signature, you should see a preview of what it will look like when you create future messages. Even if you're not satisfied with what you see here, try completing the next step before you edit anything.

Step 6: Compose a new email to check your new email signature

Send your Yahoo mail signature to yourself. Because many people use Gmail, you might want to try it out there as well. Check how it appears on a mobile device app. If you're satisfied with everything, you're done.

Let Every New Message Stand Out with a Yahoo Mail Signature!

Whether you're a freelance contributor, a real estate agent, or even just a student, a Yahoo email signature can be a great asset. It provides a level of personalization that a lot of people aren't using.

That's what makes it so effective. Having a new signature on your future Yahoo emails also allows you to reintroduce yourself every time. After all, you can customize it to include social media icons or a link to your website. So, if you haven't yet, take advantage of the Yahoo signature editor.

Have you tried to use and enable email signatures on your Yahoo account? Maximize the impact of this change by getting a unique Artlogo signature today.

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