How to Add a Mac Mail HTML Signature Quickly and Easily
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How to Add a Mac Mail HTML Signature Quickly and Easily

Email signatures are one of the most versatile investments that you can make if you're offering products or services. You can use them as a logo, on the web, and in other marketing materials.

One of the ways by which people integrate an email signature into their branding is through Apple Mail. It's a great example of how you can impress email clients without upping your marketing budget.

But just as how it's easier to create a dish when you have all the ingredients, you must first prepare the email signature that you're going to use for Mac Mail. So, create an email signature to add.

Don't have an Apple Mail email signature that you can use yet? No worries! Even one from a free generator will work well. But if you're doing it to improve your appeal to every potential email client, a professional signature customized by experts, such as Artlogo, may be more suitable.

Once that's taken care of, let's proceed with adding an email signature to every message. We also included images with our instructions to make them a bit easier to follow. For this particular set of instructions, the signature will be coming from EmailSign, our free email signature generator.

Adding HTML Signature: Mac Mail App Instructions

You don't need to know anything about HTML code to get a professional email signature on your Mac mail. Just follow the steps we outlined below:

Step 1: On your Mac Mail App, select "Mail" in the top ribbon, then click "Preferences".

As illustrated in the image, "Mail" will open in the farthest left column. And once you click "Preferences", Mac mail will open a window where you can edit the necessary settings.

Step 2: Choose the "Signatures" tab, then click the [+] plus button to add a new signature.

Alternatively, you can edit signature aesthetics for something that you've previously created. This will be the final email signature that the recipients will see, so feel free to take your time here.

Step 3: Ensure the "Always match my default message font" checkbox is off

By turning this option off, you're ensuring that your selected signature doesn't use the same font that is used in the "Fonts and Colors" settings.

Step 4: Copy the HTML generated from EmailSign for Mac Mail.

Go back to the EmailSign page where you created the signature. You should access the HTML code just below the email signature you created. Clicking "Mac Mail" will automatically copy the code that you need.

Step 5: Paste it inside the signature area. 

Note that the email signature may not look right in the preview section at this point. It should show right when you compose an email.

Step 6: Associate the new email signature with one of your email accounts

You do this by dragging its name from the middle column to an email account in the first column. Make it your default email signature by clicking on "Choose Signature" and selecting the name of the new signature.

Step 7: Compose a new email to check your new email signature.

Once you save everything, it's finally time to test out your fresh signature! If you have another email address, try sending it there to see how it looks. Check whether the mobile and web versions turned out right. And just to be extra sure, check if it works on a non-Apple device as well.

If you're happy with everything, congratulations! You're finally done.

Furnishing your Apple Mail account with an email signature is easy!

Putting a signature on your Apple Mail is the cherry on top of every well-crafted message that you'll send from now on. But don't get us wrong; it isn't just for vanity. It also helps you with disseminating contact details and social media links.

But before you put it out there in the real world, double-check everything. The last thing you want to happen is to have your entire email list see an embarrassing typo.

We'd love to see your work so let us know how yours turns out in the comments section below.

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