How to Create Social Media Post and Story with Artlogo Signature
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How to Create Social Media Post and Story with Artlogo Signature

Artlogo created an easy-to-use tool that lets you add your signature logo to your pictures. It also includes preset sizes for different purposes including Cover Photo so the output fits perfectly to its purpose.

The best part of it is it's FREE to use. 

Access our Watermark tool here:

Watch the instruction video below on how to use it for your cover photo:

STEP 1: Go to Watermarq tool ( and "Launch" it.

STEP 2: Select your background photo from our collection of ready-to-use stock photos or upload your own photo that you want to use as background.

STEP 3: Set your output size. We also have preset sizes for different Social Media purposes (post, story, reels, or cover photo).

STEP 4: Upload Your Artlogo signature and place and resize it on your background photo.

STEP 5: Adjust your background colors, saturation, brightness, etc using the "Adjust" tab.

STEP 6: Ad more branding details by adding texts like your contact information, website, address, and any details you wanted to promote.

STEP 7: Save/download your work by clicking the "Export" button on the upper-left corner of the screen.

STEP 8: Upload the downloaded photo as post or story.

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Danny S., Digital Marketing Expert


For the past 9 years Danny has been specialising in helping American and Canadian e-commerce brands blow up with organic and paid traffic. He has worked with hundreds of brands and one of his favorite projects is Artlogo. Artlogo team is super professional in what they do: they produce amazing design and digital products. And the main point is that we do a lot of marketing experiments that help us to bring value to our customers and stay on top of the latest marketing working strategies.

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Every person signs a large number of documents, send thousands of emails or active in social media during their lifetime. Artlogo's mission is to create your eye-catching signature that makes You and Your name unqiue and helps you stand out.

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