Adding HTML Signature: Outlook Web App Instructions
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Adding HTML Signature: Outlook Web App Instructions

Email signatures and the ability to easily add them to new messages have been around for a long time. But for some reason, people see it as nothing more than a nice feature that you can add if you feel like it.

So if you haven't added an HTML signature on every new message yet, now is a perfect time. Just a few tweaks in the signature settings can help you display professionalism while still making you stand out automatically.

One of the platforms where you can add an HTML signature is Microsoft Outlook. Popular in organizations and the corporate world, Office 365, Outlook email modifications are expected to create a bigger impact in terms of networking and marketing.

EmailSign, our free email signature generator, is available for this purpose. But wouldn't it be better if you could use your new HTML signature elsewhere? Artlogo offers handcrafted signatures from experts that would look good not only in electronic mail but also across various platforms.

A Quick Tip Before You Add a Signature HTML File to Microsoft Outlook

Your Microsoft Outlook HTML signature doesn't necessarily have to feature your new signature. To amplify what it can do for every new mail, you can include details like:

  • Your name. This is pretty useful if there's someone sharing the same name so you can identify yourself as a separate person.

  • Your image. Let's put a face to the signature, shall we?

  • Social and web links. These will make it easier for email recipients to find you outside your current or new Outlook email.

  • Occupation. Like with every business card ever created, don't forget to tell people about what you actually do.

If you're looking for an example, the HTML signature template used in the next section may be a great guide. Every template on EmailSign is also free.

How to Add an Outlook HTML Signature in a Few Steps

Adding a signature in Outlook using your computer is very easy. We also have included images, so you'd see just where to click.

Looking for instructions on adding email signatures for the Outlook desktop app? We created a separate post on how to use the HTML code for it.

Step 1: On your account, click "Settings Icon" on the upper-right corner of the screen, then click "View all Outlook settings".

Outlook will trigger the opening of a popup window where you'll proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Under the "Mail" Tab, select "Compose and reply".

You can see it as the second option on the second panel from the left.

Step 3: Create a new email signature and add the name or you can edit an existing email signature.

Think of this step as accessing your signatures folder. But since you're just starting out, it's currently empty.

For this purpose, you'll want to have a new one created.

Step 4: Copy the HTML code generated from EmailSign for Outlook Web.

You'll see that EmailSign HTML signatures are compatible with various platforms too. Make sure to click the right one to avoid issues with how your signature image looks.

If you're using a different signature editor, how you'll get the relevant signature file may be a little different.

Step 5: Paste it inside the signature area and save.

Once you save it, the new signature should appear on all future emails; not just on Microsoft Outlook!

You should also see a preview of what your copied signature file generated.

Step 6: Create a new email to check your new email signature

How does it look on different mobile devices? How about other email providers? If you're not satisfied, take note of anything that you don't like. For example, if you feel the colors don't work in dark mode, writing it down will help you create a list of specific things that you want to change.

But if the new signature looks good to you, congratulations! You're done.

What Difference Can an HTML File Make? Get Your Email Signature on Outlook Today!

And once you do, every new email message that you send will be a low-cost marketing tool that will help you at every level of the marketing funnel. If you're a business owner, your email signature in Outlook is a great way to let people know about what you do.

Essentially, what you're doing is making it easy for people to look you up. Your Outlook HTML signature presents an image that you're willing to go the extra mile. That's always a good characteristic, no matter what your pursuits are!

The best part? You don't have to write the HTML signature code for your signature in Outlook. You also don't have to create a beautiful signature by yourself. With Artlogo, you can get a handcrafted signature plus signature files, so you can add it to practically any page on the internet.

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