Signature Logo: Everything You Need to Know From Its Applicability to Getting One for Yourself
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Signature Logo: Everything You Need to Know From Its Applicability to Getting One for Yourself

Handwritten logo signature

Today, we live in a world dominated by technology and capitalism. That's why it's so easy for advertising to reach us. There's just no getting out of it!

No matter the industry, the number of products sold in the market is almost as many as the brands and firms. And these huge mega companies have sub-brands, all of which are fighting for the limited attention of the market.

Your logo must stand out if you dream of dominating your industry!

Your logo is an extremely crucial tool for creating a brand's identity. There are various ways that you can create a logo.

If we want our signature logo design to fulfill its purpose, we must make it unique through a personalized touch. You can do this by emphasizing one letter or number without compromising clarity.

But First, What Is a Logo?

We can easily explain a logo as something to visually represent a brand. The perfect logo will represent your brand and how everyone will know you.

However, there are different types of logos: Letter Mark, Word Mark, Abstract, Mascot, Emblem, Pictorial, and Combination Mark. Despite potentially having the same purpose, each could look completely different.

But today, we're here to talk about one completely distinct logo category – Signature Logos.

A series of handwritten signature logos

Signature Logo - What Is It?

A good signature logo is made solely of a calligraphic form of the brand name. This logo style does not contain images, visual designs, or other distracting elements. You'll notice that it's usually handwritten, and the design is simple yet uses beautiful lettering as the central element.

A professional handwritten signature logo sample

Handwritten Logo

Handwritten logo design is one of the ways that your marketing can stand out in the sea of competition. By using this logo, you're adding a distinct touch to your brand.

One of the things you can consider is turning your actual signature font into their company logo. This action is usually seen with individuals who work alone instead of for a company and with artists who claim ownership of their creations.

That's why you'd notice a lot of professionals, mostly focusing on viral content creation, will use handwritten logos as watermarks. To prevent plagiarism or the dreaded content theft by bigger creators, they subtly place it somewhere on the project.

Combination Logo vs. Signature Logo Design

A combination logo is a logo that includes some graphic image or pictographic element to complement the lettering featured. Again, referring to the definition in the previous section, you'd know that this is the basic distinction between the two.

You can quickly spot a combined logo on sight. In most cases, it can easily be read. You may also notice a distinctive graphic symbol. Meanwhile, the signature logo can be your signature.

It's personal and intimate, easily applicable in various contexts. While the graphic counterpart may be more attention-grabbing, your signature logo can be more freely used in marketing and brand awareness efforts. Just check this amazing handwritten initials logo.

Initials logo

Create a Powerful Element for Your Branding Using a Custom Logo or Signature Logo

Branding is the intricate process where you create your brand image by using carefully crafted messaging and design strategies. Therefore, the signature logo design can be one of the initial steps of your branding strategies. It's also a good foundation to support all other future efforts along the way.

What Types of Professions or Businesses Can Benefit From a Signature Logo Design?

Below, you'll see samples of professions and industries that are seen to be the most likely to lean towards the usage of a signature logo. In addition, we've witnessed how a signature logo design was able to help create successful brands:

  • Restaurants: Apart from delicious food, there should be something that clients will remember your brand by. As an owner of a restaurant, this should be a concern. A logo displaying your name will help them remember you and trust whatever expansions you plan for the future.

  • Real Estate Agents and Agencies: When clients look for a residential or commercial space, they're looking for the best deal and someone to trust. That's why a logo featuring the real estate agent's signature will bring a sense of familiarity. In turn, this will increase their trust in your services.

  • CEO: If you heavily and publicly represent your companies as the CEO of your brand, then it only makes sense to name the enterprise after you. It follows that the logo would have your signature, of course!

Our clients' signature logos
  • Fitness Trainers or Lawyers: They may seem polar opposites, but these professions have a lot in common. One of the biggest ones is the need to win clients' trust. A signature lawyer in the legal services industry helps to brand because it gives a sense of humanization. This is especially important because the public sees the industry as rigid, bureaucratic, and strict. And when it comes to fitness trainers, people will naturally feel drawn to those who seem more approachable and comfortable with themselves. So, naturally, the demand for them will be higher.

  • Photographer / YouTuber / Filmmaker: Individual credits are given to and valued by audiovisual content creators. As we have mentioned, the most effective method of marking a person's work is by using their own identity. And, short of using your face, the best way to do it will be with a signature.

A filmmaker's logo

Where Can Signature Logos Be Used?

Signature logos may be used on various visual platforms. The only requirement is it reaches the public. That's why you'll spot this type of logo essentially anywhere!

But personally, we have our favorites. There are some platforms where we love seeing a signature logo! Here is a list of our favorites and the most prevailing uses for signature logos:

World Wide Web

Having your logo on your site and other digital marketing assets is a good way to improve your reach. Just as commercials or billboards dominate TVs and urban spaces, you can easily have your brand known to your entire audience through the internet. It's also quicker and more practical!


Email signatures are a powerful way to add personality to your emails while retaining professionalism. It's an excellent way to build recognition, show off your brand, improve recall, and connect with your readers.

And if you truly want to be distinct from others, a simple logo animation will give every email that special touch.

DocuSign and Adobe Sign Software

Using signature software, you can add your handmade logo so that you can begin signing documents with your custom logo design.

Photo Watermarks

Each time you sign your work, you're planting a metaphorical flag on it. You're claiming it as yours, preventing anyone else from doing so. And in doing so, we advise placing your signature at the bottom right area of your videos or images.

This is a great place to ensure it still gets seen in the image while also ensuring it's not too distracting. For example, if you decide to sign at the top or in the middle of an image, it may remove the focus from your art.

But because we're already trained to look for the signature at the bottom right corner, they can enjoy your work and recognize you as the creator. They may even check out what else you created.

Samples of using signature logos

And what if you don't have a signature logo watermark?

Well, That's Why Artlogo Is Here!

Business Cards

A business card is a great place to use a signature logo design. Logo design usage here works well with various industries, including financial advisors, accounting firms, law offices, and others.

Branding with signature logo

Official Documents and Letterheads

With the creation of your logo, you're creating a representation of yourself or your business. So where else to feature your signature logo than on all official company documents?

Clothing label with signature logo

Clothing Labels

The fashion industry is highly commercialized, encompassing a huge target market. And using the name of your brand on the label or as part of the design, you're communicating so much about your product's quality. This has been proven to be a valuable source of advertising that's still effective today.

Merchandise using signature logo in print

Branded Merchandise

It's very common for a brand to release custom merchandise on top of its products. These are very useful objects that make customers feel special and appreciated. In addition, having the signature logo of the company helps them remember you.

Clothing label with signature logo


Before the internet took over, the first advertising platforms were posters and billboards. Printing your signature logo in selected places can improve your brand recognition offline.

Artlogo's new logo signature design process

How to Create or How to Get a Signature Logo?

Our number one advice will always be: Create your own logo design and showcase your originality! You've already gotten the most important ingredient: the name you're born with. The next step for you will be to embrace this identity as part of your brand.

Dare Yourself!

Create your own logo design with the real signature that works best for you. You can even create a signature font!

After all, it would reflect your brand's personality. Plus, knowing how to use it appropriately will only enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

If you don't consider yourself to be visually creative, you can always rely on any logo maker you can find. One thing you can try is to seek a paid logo designer software or even a free online logo maker that can translate your abstract ideas into a beautiful work of art. You can even select from existing logo templates and a variety of logo styles out there.

But it can also be as simple as using a scanner to digitize your own signature. How you can modify it, later on, is up to you!

Upwork / Fiverr

If a free logo maker doesn't give you satisfactory results, these digital platforms are two of the endless number of places online where you have the opportunity to seek labor.

It could be very helpful if you want the services of a freelance logo maker who can guarantee quality graphic design work.


Artlogo is the simplest way to create a beautiful business card, signature logo, and social media banner. We make it effortless for anyone to craft an attractive brand identity that would benefit their company or themselves.

We seek to empower people by providing the resources and tools needed to create a breathtaking, unique design that resonates with their business and brand.

At this point, you know how essential the signature logo can be. You also have reliable knowledge of your brand's best designs and strategies to attain success. So what's going to be your next move?

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