Tom Brady Signature: How Much Is It Worth?
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Tom Brady Signature: How Much Is It Worth?

Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback of the National Football League (NFL), is a name that every collector of sports memorabilia knows well. His signature is highly prized by both collectors and admirers. But figuring out how much a Tom Brady signature is worth can be difficult. There are various things to take into account, such as the item signed, the state of the signature, and the item's rarity. The value of a Tom Brady signature will be discussed in this article, along with information on how much a collector could be willing to shell out for such a sought-after piece of sports history.

Who Is Tom Brady?

In the world of American football, Tom Brady is considered a living legend. He has won six Super Bowl championships while spending the majority of his career playing with the New England Patriots. He is recognized as one of the all-time great quarterbacks and has set multiple records in his career. Due to his on-field success, he has become well-known, and collectors from all over the world prize his autograph.

Tom Brady's Significance In Football History

There is no denying Tom Brady's significance in football history. One of the best quarterbacks of all time, he has broken countless records and won numerous championships. Many fans and commentators have given him the title of "The GOAT" (Greatest of All Time) for his ability to deliver in crucial situations and guide his side to victory.

His popularity has raised the demand for his autographed collectibles, making it one of the most expensive autographs available on the market for sports collectors. Brady's autograph is projected to appreciate in value over time as his career comes to a close, making it a prized addition to any collection.

How Much Is Tom Brady's Signature Worth?

An original Tom Brady signature can be worth anything based on a number of variables. The thing that was signed is the most important aspect. For instance, a football autographed by Brady will be valued more than a simple piece of paper with his signature on it.

A clear, readable signature that is free of smudge or fading is more valued than one that is difficult to see. The state of the signature is also crucial. The item's rarity is another important factor in evaluating its value. A unique item will be worth a lot more money than a typical one, like a Brady-signed game-used jersey.

Collectors may typically expect to spend several hundred dollars to get a Tom Brady autograph on a common object like a football or portrait. Rare artifacts like game-used jerseys or helmets, on the other hand, can sell for thousands of dollars at auction. As Tom Brady's career draws to a close, the value of his autograph is only anticipated to rise, making it a wise purchase for any sports memorabilia collector.

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Examples Of Tom Brady's Signature Sales

Over the years, there have been many notable sales of Tom Brady's autographed memorabilia. Tom Brady's game-worn cleats from the 2007 AFC Divisional Championship game sold for $38,400 in August 2021 at Heritage Auctions. The cleats, which are size 12 Nike Zoom, were worn by Brady during the Patriots' 24-21 victory in overtime against the San Diego Chargers, and are photo-matched by Resolution Photomatching. It includes a Letter of Authenticity from Resolution Photomatching, Heritage Auctions, PSA/DNA, Beckett, and SGC.

The most expensive Tom Brady helmet sold for $11,100 by Heritage Auctions in February 2021. The helmet was a customized New England Patriots helmet featuring Brady, painted by artist Charles Fazzino. Although it was never worn by Brady in a live game, the helmet is signed by both Brady and Fazzino, and includes a Letter of Authenticity from PSA/DNA. The helmet features illustrations of all of Brady's accomplishments as a member of the New England Patriots.

What Is The Most Expensive Tom Brady Autograph?

The 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Tom Brady autograph rookie card sold for over $3 million in June 2021 at Lelands Auctions, making it the second-most valuable football card of all time. It's limited to 100 copies and known for being condition sensitive.

Another notable high ticket item is a Tom Brady game-used football from his rookie season with the New England Patriots when he threw his first touchdown pass, which sold for $428,841. The ball is from a memorable moment at Foxboro Stadium.

How Much Does a Signed and Framed Tom Brady Jersey Sell For?

The value of a signed and framed Tom Brady jersey can vary depending on its authenticity, condition, and rarity. However, collectors can expect to pay a premium price for a jersey signed by the legendary quarterback. Tom Brady's game-worn jersey from his remarkable performance in the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's win over the Atlanta Falcons in January 2021 was sold for a record-breaking $480,000 in January 2022. The jersey was autographed by Brady with his stats and inscriptions such as Super Bowl LV MVP and G.O.A.T.

How Much Does a Signed Tom Brady Photo Cost?

On average, signed Tom Brady photos can range anywhere from $200 to $1,000 or more. However, it's essential to do thorough research and consider all the factors before making a purchase. It's also important to note that prices can fluctuate depending on market demand and availability.

What Is Tom Brady's Signature Like?

Tom Brady's signature is known for being clean, crisp, and consistent. He typically signs his full name, with a slight tilt to the right. The letters are evenly spaced, with the first letter of each name being slightly larger than the others. The signature is also known for being quite legible, which is a rare attribute among professional athletes.

One of the notable features of Tom Brady's signature is the inclusion of his jersey number, 12. He often adds this number to his autograph, either next to his name or underneath it. This inclusion only serves to increase the value of the memorabilia, as it makes the piece more unique and personal.

How Can You Tell If a Tom Brady Signature Is Authentic?

As with any high-value sports memorabilia, it's crucial to verify the authenticity of a Tom Brady signature before purchase. One way to do this is to seek out a reputable third-party authentication service. These services thoroughly examine the item and can verify if the signature is genuine. Some of the most well-known authentication companies include PSA/DNA, JSA, and Beckett Authentication.

Another way to ensure the authenticity of a Tom Brady signature is to research the seller. Reputable sellers should have a history of selling authentic items and positive reviews from past customers. Be wary of sellers who refuse to provide additional information or photographs of the item, as this could be a red flag.

Lastly, it's important to examine the signature closely for any irregularities or inconsistencies. Compare the signature to known examples and look for any signs of forgery, such as smudging, shaky lines, or an inconsistent flow. By taking these steps, collectors can ensure that they are investing in genuine Tom Brady memorabilia.

Where Can I Find a Tom Brady Autographed Item?

If you're looking to add a Tom Brady autographed item to your sports memorabilia collection, there are a few options you can explore. The first would be to attend a signing event where Tom Brady himself is present. These events are often advertised in advance, and you can purchase a ticket to have items signed by the player.

If you're unable to attend a signing event, there are also reputable sports memorabilia dealers who specialize in selling autographed items. It's important to do your research and only purchase from a trusted dealer who can provide authentication for the item.

Online auction sites like eBay can also be a source for Tom Brady autographed items, but buyers should exercise caution and thoroughly research the seller's reputation before making a purchase.


Sports memorabilia collecting can be an exciting and gratifying hobby, but it's important to exercise caution while looking for valuable artifacts like Tom Brady autographed stuff. Collectors may make sure they are investing in genuine things by checking the signature's validity through third-party authentication and investigating the seller. Tom Brady autographed merchandise can also be obtained by going to signing events and buying from trustworthy vendors.

Keep in mind that an item's authenticity and rarity are frequently related to its worth as sports memorabilia. Collectors may enhance their collections with rare and valuable things while also demonstrating their attention to detail and experience in the field of sports memorabilia by taking the appropriate steps and investing in authentic autographed goods.

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