Twenty Ways You Can Use a Signature Logo from Artlogo
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Twenty Ways You Can Use a Signature Logo from Artlogo

Whether you're curating your company's online presence, designing professional stationery, or just looking to make some attention-grabbing merch, a high-quality signature logo design can add an element of professionalism to your business. Not only are such designs unique and attractive, but they can be used to convey something about your brand and pique the interest of potential customers.

Here at Artlogo, all of our designs are hand drawn and created with the client in mind. In this article, we've brought together twenty different ways professionals can use them to improve branding and create a lasting impression on a viewer.

Twenty Examples of Signature Logo Usage

From signing your emails and watermarking images to decorating merchandise and packaging, our perfect logo designs can be used in tons of different ways. Below, we've outlined twenty different signature logo uses for your consideration.

1. Email Signatures

You can use your signature logo design to provide a polished finish to your emails by incorporating it within your email signature. This will make your correspondences seem more professional and encourage clients to take you more seriously, thereby boosting your response rate.

Our handwritten signature designs are slick and stylish, bound to make a good impression on just about anyone. Check out some examples for yourself.

create email signature

2. E-Signatures

Our custom company signature logos can also be used for e-signatures on digital forms, for example, when using software such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Using a signature logo for this purpose leaves a far more favorable impression than attempting to draw out your name or initials using a touchscreen or mouse.

Simply copy our digital signature logo design into the document with a couple of clicks, and you're done! We're sure you'll agree this added touch makes your paperwork look ten times more professional.

3. Watermarks for Photographs, Videos, and Live Streaming

When you order a signature logo from our services, you can feel free to use your design as a watermark for any of your company's content—for example, photographs, videos, and live streams.

Using your brand logo in this way is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First of all, it protects your content against privacy. Secondly, it helps you achieve brand cohesion by ensuring that your website and social media profiles all have a similar aesthetic.

watermark for photography

4. Website Headers

By incorporating one of our signature logos into your website header, you can boost the aesthetic value of your site. It's also a great way to develop your brand and give your company its own unique visual identity.

Our designers take pride in their craft and take the time to design gorgeous, handwritten signature logos that you can show off to your audience. Visitors to your website will instantly be drawn to your design and will no doubt be intrigued to find out more about your company.

5. Watermark Instagram Posts

In addition to posts on your website, you can also watermark images on your business's Instagram profile. Using your logo design in this way will not only help to promote brand cohesion across your various social media accounts but will also ensure that your photographs all have the same unique look.

At a glance, people will recognize your pictures from your signature or initial logo alone. Viewing your portfolio, they should find a unified aesthetic⁠—a visual identity that immediately springs to mind at the mere mention of your business name.

signature logo for instagram

6. Social Media Headers

Branding isn't just important when it comes to the content you're posting online but also when it comes to the design of your social media profiles themselves. Using a signature logo in your headers, for example, can help make your page more eye-catching and interesting to a prospective customer.

Incorporating a company logo packed with character into your header will help convey something about the sort of company you run while helping to further establish that all-important brand cohesion we've mentioned already.

7. Include a Logo Design in YouTube Intros/Outros

YouTube is the world's most popular video hosting website. No matter your niche, you'll find your crowd on this well-loved platform, meaning it's essential for any professional to establish a presence there.

Using a signature logo in the introduction or outro to your videos will help elevate your content beyond the inept and amateurish, instead giving it a polished, professional sheen.

Given how popular the platform is, it's no surprise that YouTube is oversaturated with content. Your signature logo will help make your content instantly recognizable, setting it apart from the work of other creators.

signature watermark online

8. Online Advertisements

Including a signature logo from Artlogo in your online commercials is a surefire way of grabbing a viewer's attention.

When our designers are creating your signature logo, they take your brand identity into consideration. What sort of aesthetic do you emulate? What is the ethos of your company? What types of goods or services do you provide?

Keeping the answers to these questions in mind, they will create a completely personalized logo, one that will leave viewers intrigued and dying to find out more.

9. Business Cards

When designing a business card, you want to make sure that it's unique and attention-grabbing. After all, you don't want your card to end up tucked away in someone's wallet, forgotten.

That's why it's so important that your logo design has real personality. A drag, generic design is unlikely to capture anyone's imagination. An elegant, professional logo, on the other hand, one that's personal to you and your unique sense of style, is far more likely to make a lasting impression.

custom business card

10. Advertisements and Decals on Cars

Advertising your business on the side of a car can be a great way of getting your company name out there, but only if you have an eye-catching, memorable logo. In a busy city, people see hundreds of vehicles every day, many of them touting products and services of their own.

When you use a signature logo from us, you can be sure that you'll stand out from a crowd, and that your attractive, stylish design will stick in people's minds.

11. Branded Tags

Rather than using a generic font for your tags, why not give them a little more personality with a signature logo design? Not only will having your own logo design help you brand your goods and merchandise, but it will also make them feel that little bit more luxurious and special. Customers will also see how much care you put into your company, even down to the packaging for your merchandise, hopefully encouraging them to buy from you again.

Furthermore, think about how much personality you can convey with one of our signature logos. If you run a luxury cosmetics business, for example, you may choose a flowing, delicate font and a complimentary color scheme to convey your own personal brand.

create brand logo

12. Signature Logos on Company Stationery

We live in an increasingly technological world, but sometimes you just can't beat putting pen to paper. Adding a signature logo to company stationery is a great way of adding a small personal touch and of making sure that everything matches up to your stylistic vision.

You could add your logo design to a custom letterhead, to the cover of a work diary, or even to pens, pencils, and other office supplies. The possibilities are endless!

Artlogo also offers signature stencil PDFs so that you can learn how to add a handwritten signature to your official documents.

13. Customized Packaging

Don't stop at customizing tags; why not create a whole range of customized packaging for your business? Decorating bags, wrapping paper, and tissue paper with your signature logo can help create a professional, elegant look that's true to the spirit of your company.

Using a gorgeous hand-drawn logo on your packaging will certainly make an impression on your customers. Not only that, but it will get them excited about your product before they've even unwrapped it!

Artlogo Color Edition

14. Profile Pictures

We've mentioned the importance of branding in social media posts, but you shouldn't neglect your profile picture, either. Think of some of the companies you follow on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. What are their profile pictures like? No doubt they all feature striking logos, symbols that you'd recognize anywhere at any time.

With one of our signature logos, you can ensure that your own business stands out among a sea of other accounts. Don't settle for a subpar design from a free online logo maker. Instead, use a custom logo from Artlogo to capture the attention of your audience.

Similarly, you can use our signature logo designs on WhatsApp, as well. This will make your account seem far more professional and legitimate, boosting confidence in your brand.

15. Posters and Billboards

These days, it seems like everybody's always in a rush, always on the go. So, when it comes to designing outdoor marketing materials, you want an ad that's going to catch the attention of passersby and stop them in their tracks.

With our excellent signature logo design service, you can rest assured that's exactly what you're getting. Our logos will stand out to the viewer, illustrating your personal style in a way that will make them curious to know more.

16. Branded Freebies for Clients and Employees

Everyone loves a freebie! So, whether you're handing out complimentary goody bags to interns or sending out favors to potential clients, why not take the opportunity to advertise a little with one of our signature logos?

Reusable water bottles, keyrings, tote bags, stress balls, stationery—whatever you include in your corporate goody bags, you can give your swag a bit of extra pizzazz with a signature logo design from Artlogo. Our handwritten logos are sure to make a statement, making an impression upon potential clients.

17. Signs for Your Business

If you run a business with a physical location, it's essential that you have an attention-grabbing sign, one that will stand out from your competitors. Using a signature logo from our team of dedicated graphic designers will ensure that you make a statement.

Think of the brands you know and love. How are their signs designed? No doubt with a clear, unmistakable logo design, one with a unique font and style.

Take a cue from such brands: be daring! Don't settle for something forgettable from a free logo maker. Instead, why not commission a unique logo based on your own signature?

Handwritten signature logo in 3D Edition

18. Invoices and Other Official Forms

Another way you can use your handwritten logo from Artlogo is in official forms, such as invoices, applications, and receipts. This attention to detail is crucial, especially for small businesses, as it creates an impression of real professionalism.

Whether it's a client, a vendor, or a prospective employee receiving one of these official forms, you want to ensure you leave them with a positive opinion of your company. Using one of our professional signature logos is the best way to do that.

19. Merchandise

Using your own logo on your company merchandise sends a strong message. Essentially, it's free advertising⁠—advertising that shows off your unique style and brand image. For that reason, you should do everything you can to ensure the design is unique and attention-grabbing, and that it reflects well on your brand.

A unique signature logo in a smart handwritten font is the perfect choice for any merchandise, whether a piece of apparel or homeware.

20. Presentations

If you have an upcoming seminar or sales pitch, you've no doubt already started thinking about what sort of information you're going to present to your audience. But remember, how you present it is equally important.

When putting together presentation templates for your company, you want to make sure that they are business-like but attractive. Using a signature logo design from one of our designers is one of the best ways to achieve this. Our attractive designs are professional but impactful, combining an elegant, handwritten font with your unique sense of style.

Are You Looking for a Custom Logo?

If you're interested in using your own signature for branding, merchandise, advertising, or anything else at all, consider using our services. For a reasonable fee, we can provide you with an exquisitely crafted new logo painstakingly produced by our team of talented artists. We also provide gift cards if you'd like to provide someone else with our services.

Artlogo also offers branding bundles and graphic design packages so that you can completely overhaul your look for a bargain price. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today to boost your brand with your very own signature logo design from Artlogo!

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Fabian is a savvy and seasoned designer with 11 years of experience in calligraphy, graphic design and lettering. He has worked with a large number of individual and large corporate clients in getting their logos/signature logos and full corporate branding created or improved. He gets my drive from creating products that fully represent each client’s unique personality. To him a logo is not just any random drawing, it’s art that contains each client’s values. His passion is getting our clients the best and most unique design products and seeing their happy feedback.

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