Take your small business's email signatures to the next level with these 6 WiseStamp alternatives. Discover the perfect fit for your branding needs!
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6 Alternatives to WiseStamp for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, having a professional email signature can make a big difference in how you are perceived by potential clients and partners. While WiseStamp is a popular option for creating custom email signatures, there are other alternatives out there that may better suit your business needs. In this article, we will explore the top 5 alternatives to WiseStamp, so you can find the perfect option for your small business.

6 WiseStamp Alternatives To Try

  1. Artlogo

If you're a small business owner looking for a WiseStamp alternative, Artlogo is a great option to consider. Artlogo is a signature creator that allows you to customize your email signature with ease, making it a great marketing tool for your business.

One of the great features of Artlogo is the user-friendly editor. You can create a custom signature in just a few clicks, and their drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add your logo and other elements. You can also choose from a variety of templates and designs to match your brand's aesthetic.

Another advantage of Artlogo is their focus on mobile responsiveness. With more and more people checking their emails on their phones, it's important to have a signature that looks great on mobile devices. Artlogo ensures that your signature looks professional and polished on any device.

Artlogo also offers a variety of customization options, including handwritten signautes, the ability to add social media links and promotional banners. This makes your signature not only a professional representation of your business, but also an effective marketing tool.

In terms of pricing, Artlogo offers a free plan as well as paid plans starting at just $4 per month. This makes it an affordable option for small businesses that want to create a professional email signature without breaking the bank.

  1. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp is a great alternative to WiseStamp, with a focus on creating professional and visually appealing email signatures. With their user-friendly editor, you can easily customize your signature and even include a photo or logo. They also have a variety of templates to choose from, so you can find one that matches your brand's aesthetic.

  1. Signaturely

Signaturely is another excellent alternative to WiseStamp, offering a simple yet powerful signature editing tool. You can create and customize your signature in just a few minutes, using their drag-and-drop editor. They also offer a variety of templates and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your small business.

  1. MySignature

MySignature is a user-friendly signature creator that allows you to create professional email signatures in just a few clicks. They offer a variety of templates and designs to choose from, and their editor is intuitive and easy to use. You can also include social media links and promotional banners in your signature, making it an effective marketing tool for your small business.

  1. Exclaimer

Exclaimer is a great option for small businesses that need a more advanced signature solution. They offer a variety of signature management tools, including centralized control and branding options. You can also create customized signatures for different departments or employees, making it easy to maintain consistency across your business.

  1. Hubspot

This tool allows you to create professional and visually appealing signatures that match your brand's aesthetic. You can add your company logo, social media links, and even a call-to-action button. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with other Hubspot products, making it a convenient option for businesses already using their platform.

How Can I Create a Professional Looking Email Signature Without Using WiseStamp?

With Artlogo, you can create a unique and visually appealing signature that reflects your brand. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Go to Artlogo's website and select the "Signatures" option from the menu.
  2. Choose the type of signature you want to create from the various options available, such as handwritten signatures, logos, and watermarks.
  3. Provide the necessary details to personalize your signature. For instance, you may want to include your name, title, contact information, and social media links.
  4. Choose a design template that aligns with your branding and aesthetics. Artlogo offers a wide range of signature templates, from traditional to modern, so you're sure to find one that matches your style.
  5. Preview your signature, and if you're happy with the design, place your order and wait for Artlogo's team to create your signature.
  6. Once you receive your signature, add it to your email client's signature settings, and start using it.

Take your small business's email signatures to the next level with these 6 WiseStamp alternatives. Discover the perfect fit for your branding needs!

Artlogo Signature Templates

Artlogo offers a variety of signature templates for you to choose from. Here are some popular options:

  1. Traditional: This template features a classic design with a simple layout, perfect for businesses that value professionalism and simplicity.
  2. Modern: This template is ideal for businesses that want to convey a more contemporary image. It features a clean and minimalist design with bold typography and eye-catching graphics.
  3. Handwritten: If you want to add a personal touch to your signature, this template is a great option. It features a handwritten script font that looks authentic and unique.
  4. Logo: If your business has a recognizable logo, this template is perfect for showcasing it in your signature. You can add your logo and customize the layout to fit your branding.

What Is The Most User-Friendly WiseStamp Alternative?

Artlogo stands out as a significantly more user-friendly option when compared to WiseStamp. Artlogo's user interface is intuitive and streamlined, allowing users to effortlessly create professional email signatures without any technical expertise. Its drag-and-drop editor enables easy customization of signature elements, including text, images, logos, and social media links.

Additionally, Artlogo offers a diverse range of beautifully designed templates, ensuring a visually appealing and personalized signature. In contrast, WiseStamp, while a popular choice, can be more complex for users without advanced design skills. It requires a separate browser extension installation and a more involved setup process. Customization options in WiseStamp may also be limited, and users might encounter challenges in achieving the desired signature design.

With Artlogo, anyone can create impressive email signatures quickly and easily, regardless of their design proficiency. Its user-friendly interface and extensive template library make it a standout choice for individuals and businesses seeking an effortless and visually appealing email signature solution.

Other WiseStamp Alternatives

While there are many alternatives to WiseStamp, the most common competitors are the 6 listed above. Other potential alternatives that may offer some similar features are Codetwo, Opensense, Crossware Mail, Letsignite, AdSigner, Rocketseed, Terminus, EmailBadge, and ByBrand.


If you are on the hunt for an exceptional email signature experience, Artlogo should be at the top of your list. Due to its exceptional, user-friendly, and visually appealing email signature solution Artlogo is the top choice among WiseStamp alternatives. For individuals and businesses alike, Artlogo website offers customization options, mobile responsiveness, and affordability. It provides a seamless user experience in email signature design by enabling users to create professional and unique signatures that make an impactful impression. With Artlogo, you can elevate your email game while keeping your messaging on-brand and elegant.

Final Thoughts

At Artlogo, we are signature experts. Our team is dedicated to creating distinct handwritten signatures, logos, watermarks, and more that are sure to leave a lasting impression. What sets us apart is our personal touch, ensuring that every design is tailored to your individual needs. Choose Artlogo for a signature that truly stands out.


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