What is a signature maker?​

A signature maker, or online signature creator, is an online tool that allows you to draw online handwritten signature and save it to image format (PNG image with transparency). You can download it immediately and use your digital signature for signing PDF, Word documents, and add it to your email apps as an email signature.

Create your digital signature for online document signing

Simply use your mouse, mouse pad, digital pen, or touch screen to draw your signature on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Try to create a bigger signature than you normally would. It will make the digital signature cleaner and clearer. You’ll be able to resize it later to any desired size to fit documents, emails, social profiles, etc. Than download it as a PNG file with transparency using "Download Signature" button. If you decide to try professional calligraphy service use Artlogo and "Order My Artlogo" button.

Free Handwritten Signature Generator

So, I Can Just Type Out My Electronic Signature? That's right! Just type your name into our online signature handwritten generator, choose a pen color, and select the font that you feel best suits your personality and brand. Your electronic signature will then be ready to download and use. Our online handwritten signature generator can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or mobile device, so you can come up with your design on the go!

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Create My Handwritten Signature

Signature inspirations

Check out signatures of famous people and get inspired to create your signature. If you want, Artlogo professional calligraphers and designers can help you with that. Our professional team has more than 10+ years of experience in creating unique handwritten signatures. We do it every day for thousands of professionals as you. Additionally, we can provide materials that can teach you thow to make your new signature easily.

JK Rowling

Angela Merkel

Marie Curie

Prince William

Oprah Winfrey

Narendra Modi

Ronald Reagan

Albert Einstein

Abraham Lincoln

Serena Williams

Bill Clinton

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How Artlogo makes your handwritten signature

When you submit your order with details and/or your signature examples, our teams of calligraphers, designers and brand consultants starts signature design work. Once the idea of your signature is ready, our top artists start creating it.

Every Artlogo Signature is 100% handwritten and unique.

Your personality based on signature traits that we know

Your signature is much more than meets the eye. It's not only solving the functional tasks like documents signing or email signature. Signature analysis can tell a lot about you and your personality. Here we’ll show the science of signature analytics, explaining how you can analyze someone’s signature and/or use these hints for creating your new one.

Unreadable letters

Clever, mental agility

Easy to read

Transparent, honest

Clear first name, unreadable last name


With underline

Proud, vain

Ends with a flick

Energetic, a go-getter

Upward angle

Ambitious, optimist

Downward angle

Cautious, pessimist


Extroverted, friendly

Just a nickname


Initials only


Bold capitals


No last name

Relaxed, friendly

Large letters

Likes to be the center of attention

Embellished letters

Confident, bold

Draw Signature


To protect your privacy, Artlogo doesn't store any images or information about your signature. Only you will be able to access this data.

Yes, you can use this online signature maker for legal documents. Whether you draw or type your signature out, you'll be able to download your signature as an image, which can then be used to sign documents electronically. This digital signature is legally binding in the same way handwritten signatures are.

To add your electronic signature to any Word or PDF document, create your design using our online signature maker and download it as an image. Then, simply open the document you want to add your electronic signature to, upload the image from your computer, and position it in the appropriate place on the document.

Electronic signatures and online signatures are the same things: a signature that is used on electronic documents in place of a handwritten signature.

Digital signatures are a specific kind of electronic signature that includes encrypted data to verify a document's authenticity when you sign it. This is accomplished using private and public encryption keys.

When it comes to creating a handwritten digital signature, there are several methods for you to choose from:

  • Using a Signature Maker or Signature Generator. This is the easiest option.
  • Using a digital pen to create your signature using Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar software. While you can design a high-quality signature in this way, this method is by far the most difficult.
  • Writing your signature on a piece of paper, then scanning and cropping it using this free tool. You can quickly create a signature this way, but it is the least effective method on this list.
  • Using Artlogo's Handwritten Signature Generator. With this easy-to-use tool, you simply type out your signature, then select your preferred font.
  • Hiring Artlogo's professional calligraphy signature logo design service. This is the best way of ensuring you have a high-quality, personalized signature that communicates your brand to the viewer.

Whether you create signatures using an online tool or whether you design them by hand, they probably reveal something about your personality. While you can't always make definitive judgments about an individual's personality based solely on their signature, you can certainly look at it for a few tips!

Some general observations you can make about someone based on their signature include:

Conscientious: If your signature is neat and easy to read, it's likely that you're a conscientious, detail-oriented person.

Reliable: If your signature remains consistent and unchanging over time, this probably indicates that you are a reliable and consistent sort of individual.

Bold: If your signature contains a lot of embellishments, this might show that you are a confident, even flamboyant person.

Messy signature could suggest either secrecy or confidence, while a fancy signature indicates confidence or playfulness.

The first step in creating either a handwritten or electronic signature is deciding what you want your design to say about you—that is, what relevant information you would like your signature to convey about your personality and brand. Once you've picked a design, keep your signature consistent when signing important documents.

Keep in mind that a recognizable handwritten signature will make it easier for people to verify your identity. Electronic signatures are already very secure, meaning you can be a bit more creative with your design.

To add an electronic signature to your email footer, use our signature maker to create a beautiful, handwritten design and include it at the bottom of your email. This simple addition can really make your messages seem more authentic, lending them a personal touch that your recipient is bound to appreciate.

Another great tool for this purpose is EmailSign by Artlogo. With their handy tool, you can add an electronic signature to the bottom of your email with ease.

It's fine to have an illegible signature, but, whatever you do, you must ensure your design is unique to you and easy to recreate. Whether it's your full name or an elaborate squiggle, you should be able to sign the same way time and time again.

If you've already come up with a signature you like, use our free signature generator to create a free electronic signature for use in digital documents.

Signatures don't have to be cursive, but people often choose this style as a cursive script is far more difficult to forge than print. If you can think of another unique design you're confident others won't be able to copy, then, by all means, use it.

There is no one style of signature that is superior to others, but when designing your very own signature, you should make sure it is truly unique. Handwritten and electronic signature designs should both capture something of your personality in them.

Adding a few embellishments to customize your signature can help it to look more classy and aesthetically pleasing—for example, loops, underlines, curlicues, and so on.

If you'd like to sign documents with a more legible signature, the answer is simply to write more slowly. Sometimes using a larger script can help as well.

If you have the capability to scan images, you can turn your handwritten signature into a signature image. You can then use this downloaded signature to sign digital documents.

Simply write your signature on a piece of plain, white paper and scan it, either with a scanner or a scanning app. Boosting brightness and contrast will help make the image more defined. Then, simply crop the image, and you're ready to sign documents online.

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