Free Online Signature Scanning Tool

What Is a Signature Scanning Tool?​

A signature scanning tool is an online tool that can be used to create and digitalize your handwritten signatures into downloadable PNG files. These images can be used as digital signatures for signing documents or to add a personal touch to an email sign-off.

Create a Digital Signature and Sign Legal Documents

With a digital signature, you can sign documents quickly and with ease. Artlogo's signature scanner and signature background remover works on any computer, tablet, or mobile device, meaning you can even create your design while on the go. Take a white paper, pen and make your real signature. You can make a few tries and photo the one you like more. Upload signature photo to our signature scanning tool to detect you signature and remove the background from signature photo. When the task is done, all you have to do is add it to any legal documents requiring an electronic signature.

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Create My Signature

Your personality based on signature traits that we know

Your signature is much more than meets the eye. It's not only soving the functional tasks like dosuments signing or email signature. Signature analysis can tell a lot about you and your personality. Here we’ll show the science of signature analytics, explaining how you can analyze someone’s signature and/or use these hints for creating your new one.

Unreadable letters

Clever, mental agility

Easy to read

Transparent, honest

Clear first name, unreadable last name


With underline

Proud, vain

Ends with a flick

Energetic, a go-getter

Upward angle

Ambitious, optimist

Downward angle

Cautious, pessimist


Extroverted, friendly

Just a nickname


Initials only


Bold capitals


No last name

Relaxed, friendly

Large letters

Likes to be the center of attention

Embellished letters

Confident, bold

What to Expect When You Get a Personalized Signature Design From Artlogo

When you commission Artlogo's services, our design team will get to work immediately, basing their ideas on whatever details or signature examples you included in your order submission. Artlogo signatures are designed by professional calligraphers, top designers, and experienced brand consultants, meaning they know just how to create an electronic signature that will get people's attention.

Once our designers have a finished product they're happy with, one of Artlogo's expert artists will bring your design to life. In no time at all, you'll have your very own handwritten signature.


How can I create an electronic signature with your handwritten signature generator?

  • With a Signature Maker or Signature Generator. This is by far the simplest method.
  • Using Photoshop or Illustrator to design your electronic signature. You can produce high-quality electronic signatures using this method, but it requires a lot of skill.
  • Scanning handwritten signatures and cropping them with our free tool. This method allows you to quickly create electronic signatures, but it's not that effective.
  • With Artlogo's Handwritten Signature Generator. With this easy-to-use tool, you just type or draw your design and download it as a signature image.
  • Using Artlogo's signature logo design service. One of our professional calligraphers will come up with a gorgeous personalized signature just for you.

What should I keep in mind when designing my email signature?

When designing an electronic signature for your email sign-off, consider what sort of message you want to send with your design. For example, are there any personality traits you might like to convey? The type of industry you work in may also be relevant to the style you choose.

To add a handwritten signature to your email footer and give your messages that little personal touch, you can use Artlogo's free email signature generator. With just a single click, you can connect your Artlogo handwritten signature to Gmail, Outlook, and a range of other email clients.

How should I sign my name?

Many people think that their signature has to be legible in order to be valid; in fact, the only requirements are that your design is both unique and consistent. When creating electronic signatures, you should make sure you will be able to recreate them easily.

Once you've come up with a design you like, use our generator to create an online signature of your name to sign documents electronically.

Should my signature be written in a cursive script?

For your own security, your signature should be totally unique and difficult to forge; that way, no one else will be able to sign documents with it. Many people choose to write in cursive for this reason, but you don't need to do it if you have another way of ensuring your signature design is difficult for others to replicate.

How can I have a powerful signature?

We get a lot of signature requests from people looking to create a design that emanates power. The best advice we can give on this front is to make a confident-looking signature that almost seems to flow from your pen by itself. Looking at famous autographs for inspiration can help you to come up with the type of design you're after.

How can I improve the look of my signature?

If you'd like to improve your signature, the first thing to ask is what you'd like to change. Would you like to try a different style? Look at calligraphy for inspiration and imitate a design you enjoy. Would you like a more legible signature? Then take your time writing it and use larger letters.

But so long as your signature is unique and inimitable, it's already perfect! That is, after all, what signatures are for.

What does my signature say about me?

While we wouldn't recommend making a judgment of someone based on their signature alone, you can analyze them to glean a few general observations about the individual's personality. For example, signature analysis can tell you whether someone is:

  • Conscientious: People who sign their names neatly and legibly are more likely to be conscientious individuals.
  • Reliable: If your signature changes very little over the years, there's a good chance people would describe you as reliable and consistent.
  • Quick-witted: Often, people whose signatures are messy and illegible tend to be smart and quick-witted.

How to make a transparent signature

Create a handwritten signature using your phone only

  1. Write your signature on a piece of paper.
  2. Photo the page and save it on your Gallery.
  3. Open the image file in our free signature scanning tool.
  4. Select the background color to remove, adjust the signature area and save it as PNG file (transparency will be added automatically)
  5. Add the signature to a document, PDF or email.

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